When Hairy Met Sally

25 Jan

Work. School. Bills. Chores. Appointments. Driving. Date Night.

What? With everything else I was supposed to do this week, shaving my legs was one of those things?

It is a common complaint women have. Shaving takes time. Time we don’t have. As a busy (and sometimes prickly) woman, I now have shaving down to an art. Try these tips for “I wish it was June!” legs.

Pick a razor: When it comes to razors, the more blades the better. I use a man’s razor because they are designed for the sensitive skin on a face, creating a gentle and close shave. Try Gillette Fusion ProGlide Shaving Razor. It has four blades and a comb that guides stubborn hair for an extra close shave.

Hop in the shower: Or sit on the edge of the bathtub. Legs need to be wet when shaving to avoid razor burn. If you have time, I recommend exfoliating your legs with a scrub, like Dove Gentle Exfoliating body wash.

Lather up: Instead of shaving cream use baby oil, that way you don’t have to apply lotion. Oil and water don’t mix, so the oil won’t completely rinse off in the shower. Rub the oil all over your legs and starting from the ankle, gently pull up. Shave the same direction as hair growth.  To save even more time, only shave the bottom half of your leg. The hairs on the top of your leg are thinner and lighter.

Wear jeans: If you really don’t have time, pull on your favorite pair of jeans. Regardless of if you shaved this morning, last week, or last month, everyone looks beautiful in a good pair of structured denim.


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